Calvin Klein-One Shock (2011)

When I first bought it was one September night. Since then it has developed my love for this brand Calvin Klein.This is one of the perfumes that creates optimism. I think that we choose perfumes by our character. I hope you understand. It was love at first sniff. At the opening of the very youthful, somewhat frivolous. Enough prevailing scent of cucumber. Shyly feel and lavender, and little clementines. In the middle notes of osmanthus prevails, pepper … And here we got some seriousness. Where did frivolity? Vanished ?! It is not! I continue to be felt in the background, but very discreetly. And finally: pepper, woody notes, patchouli, tobacco and musk.

Very stable. Very original. Very deep. Very love it.

And every time I apply it I feel the same way when I first sniffed-luck. I’m truly happy. I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE


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