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Over the years I’ve been looking for sunglasses that would fit me. I can’t say that I found them. When I buy sunglasses I always focus on quality not quantity. No matter what the cost is. A few months ago before I bought these sunglasses, I saw a similar design to the website: MRPORTER.COM

And since then I have become obsessed with such a design, with transparent frame. These are entirely made of plastic, and not at all expensive (15 $). I can say that they are very high quality. I’ve had them for almost a year and have not cracked them or damaged in any way. I’ve had sunglasses which were more expensive than these and they proved to be very poor quality. I do not know… At the present time I think some brands are too elevated, I can say, but not really worth that much. In the past, I think the price determined quality, but it seems that this has now changed. What do you think?

All in all I am very pleased and I think I have confirmed that the price does not determine quality.

Sunglasses: ALDO

Jacket: Springfield

Photography: Djordje Bojanic



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