111 LOVE.LOVE… Happy Valentine’s Day! How did you spend the most romantic day of the year? I would  like to ask what represents love to you? It was very hard for me to write the text for this post. I don’t know why,I kept the typing,deleting,rewrittening. ( And it seems to look good now.)  I’ve always wanted to do this picture and it turned out fantastic. Of course,thanks to a fantastic photographer: Djordje Zivkovic!

This street is very small and quiet and one of my favourites. I’m wearing one of my favourite T-shirts with very cute print. I love the combination of white and beige,and I’m trying to wear it as often as I can. Trousers suprised cause they are very comfortable and material is soft and comfy. Of course that this outfit was complete I wear my new shoes Replay. Do not simply beautiful? 2222 44444 55555

T-shirt: Scotch & Soda

Pants: Zara

Cardigan: Columbia

Shoes: Replay

Photography: Djordje Zivkovic


6 thoughts on “LOVE LOVE

  1. Wonderful photos! I spent last night with my husband. We went to dinner and a movie. There are many things that represent love for me, but one thing that particularly comes to mind is selflessness. Selfless acts of kindness are what can make a difference in a person’s life at any time, all the time. I hope you had an amazing Valentines Day!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day. unds romantic. agree with you. Selflessness and self-love is the most important thing. ❤

  2. For me, love is simply when you open your eyes to a new day! It’s at the same time, both so complicated but, then, so easy to define! On the other hand, why define it, just feel it! Great photos, great photographer! I just love your post!

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