11009587_8906757776new49447_1683450651_o10982984_8906757606666982782_979096640_oDetail are highly important. They make the outfit. Today I’ve chosen these Replay shoes. When I spotted them in the shop,i didn’t find them attractive. But,now I seem to like them more and more. As I mentioned earlier,in previous posts, shoes,bags shades. Even more,I think these should be high quality and designers pieces. What do you think about that?

I like bordeau mixed with different shades of green. They seem far apart but they match nicely,adding modern design. Shoe sole is pale yellow,a bit thicker than normal. This pair is very comfortable,allowing me to walk long hours without getting tired. If I had to have only one pair of shoes,it would be these. These shoes are good for snow,or even dry weather-when it’s cold.

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Replay

Photography: Djordje Zivkovic


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