11085851_932957196755588_746209215_o11086205_932957126755595_1625939971_o11087352_932957190088922_1049597397_o11087475_932957036755604_462739185_o11045954_932957220088919_1300948585_o11069806_932957216755586_1340674838_o Fashion month is over,but his vibes never stop! It was great honer to me that I was invited to attempt this event. Sandra Lalovic presented her spring/summer 2015 collection. First impress are fantastic! From the venue to collections. So,let’s start from beginning! Venue has minimalistic decorations. Empty walls and fantastic lightninig. Very creative. Atmosphere is very pleasant,with modern and nice music. Food and drinks were delicious. White wine and macarons-winning combo. If you’re not a fan of macarons,than you could have chocolate covered strawberries,muffins… Yummy! About collecton: this is something different,afro style,infact. Used materials are light,delicate,feminine,and soft. All creations are weareble,and most importantly-they are easy to combine. Prints are in,and i couldn’t pick just one as my favourite. I LOVE this collection. Do you like it too? Let me know in the comments. I cant wait to see what will Sandra Lalovic do next!

I’m wearing:

Jacket: Springfield

Sweater: H&M

Cardigan: Tudors

Photo: Djordje Zivkovic

Shot in Davidova 2a


11 thoughts on “SANDRA LALOVIC EVENT

  1. Thanks a lot. I was really happy and honoured to be a partbof a wonderful Sunday night fever. Looking forward to feeding you again with macarons and yummy strawberries. 😃

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