Champagne in hand,light in eyes and Budapest in heart!
While I was on ship that sailed the beautiful blue Dunav i had to admit how life is beautiful!! Budapest left me breathless. I’ve never been there before,but that city was a pleasant suprise and amazing experience. Next city was Prague. My no1 shopping destination. I must say that they have a amazing selection od brands.Zara caught me and I didn’t leave out for 4 hours there. So many choices! Prague is a city full of delicious food, fantistic architecture and good people. A city that has impressed me and I will definitely go back there. Maybe this summer, who knows!
Last destination was Vienna. I spent less than 24 hours, and I’m not well organized time. Super bad about it. Anyway.after this trip, I concluded that my one suitcase too small for all the clothes that I bought! 😛 I have to show you so many outfits so stay tuned!
Back and a bunch of tasks. It’s already December. Time passes too quickly.

Total look: Zara
Jacket: Lee Copper


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