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Elegance tends to be misteken for superficiality and mere appearance. Nothing could be further from the truth,some words are elegant,others can wound and destroy,but all written with the same letters.

Flowers are elegant,even when hidden amoung the grasses in a meadow. The gazelle when it runs is elegant,even when it is fleeing from a lion. Elegance is not an outer quality,but a part of the soul that is visible to others.

And even when passions run high,elegance does not allow the real ties binding two people to be broken. Elegance lies not in the clothes we wear,but in the way we wear them. It isn’t the way we wield a sword,but in the dialogue we hold that could avoid a war. Elegance is archived when,having discarded all superfluous things,we discover simplicity and concetration,the simple the pose ,the better,the more sober,the more beautiful.

And what is simplicity? It is the coming together of the true values of life. Snow is pretty because it has only one colour. The sea is pretty because it appears to be a flat plane. The desert is beautiful because it seems to consist only of sand and rocks. The simpiest things in life are the most extraordinary. Let them reveal themselves.


Eleganciju obicno mesamo sa povrsnoscu i spoljasnjim izgledom. Sasvim pogresno. Neke reci su elegantne,druge uspevaju da rane i uniste,ali sve su napisane istim slovima. Cvece je elegantno,mada se krije pod poljskom travom. Gazela je u trku elegantna,cak i kad bezi od lava. Elegancija nije spoljasnja osobina,vec delic duse vidljiv drugim ljudima.

Cak i u najburnijim strastvima,elegancija ne dozvoljava da se raskinu prave veze izmedju dvoje ljudi. Ona se ne krije u odeci koju nosimo,vec u nacinu na koji je nosimo. Ona se ne krije u nacinu na koji baratamo macem,vec u dijalogu kojim se moze izbeci rat.





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